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The proven innovative methodology boosting production by around 20% in more than 90 projects worldwide

The problem with longwall mining

If you experience more than 3 of the following issues you have substantial hidden capacity and unrealised profit in your mine which can be unlocked within 6 months.

  • Frequent production misses due to unexpected issues
  • Moving bottlenecks
  • Development group failing to meet budgeted meter targets
  • Superintendents experiencing difficulty in delegating effectively
  • There is friction between planning and operations and operations don’t “own” the plan
  • Employees are frustrated by frequent priority changes

Over the last 15 years, longwall equipment technology has advanced to such an extent that most longwall miners have shifted their bottleneck into development. Since development uses the majority of mining resources and delivers float for future use, there is pressure to favour the short-term efficiency measures at the expense of future production. When the float runs out, the longwall has to stop or slow down, with a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

These short-term pressures push managers to allocate resources in a way that can cause interdepartmental allocation conflicts and siloed behaviours. As a result, trust and cooperation suffers and it becomes difficult to hold employees accountable.

Operational pressure, and short term market pressure, can overload  already busy managers. Under these conditions even exceptional managers may find it difficult to reliably meet mine production and efficieny targets.

The insight that we had was to realise that the root causes of the difficulties described are the need to meet short-term priorities and to achieve efficiency on all parts. This causes mine departments to operate in silos and puts extreme pressure on management to meet mandated targets.

The Flow Room solution

The productivity platform which unlocks hidden production capacity and unrealised profit in your mine within 6 months

  • SIgnificantly increased production, productivity and profitability
  • Stable operations that consistently meet and exceed targets
  • Improved safety
  • Greater transparency enabling decisions that satisfy short and long term pressures, improves cooperation and departmental alignment
  • Management time freed up to deal with strategic issues​
  • Engaged workers

We solve the "silo" problem by providing clients with a proven framework to examine the entire mine to identify the critical leverage points.  Focus on leverage points will deliver maximum value for the least effort in minimum time.

Traditional consultants focus on either cultural change (soft side) or operational improvement (hard side) – we believe that success requires simultaneous focus on both. And thus, we see ourselves as trusted advisors dealing with human behaviour and motivation, as well as processes and efficiencies.

We use the Flow Room to make this happen. The new way of operating will fit into your current system and will operate with minimal interference and changes while reducing your overall workload significantly.

Successful outcomes

Over the last decade Stratflow has helped clients such as Glencore, Anglo American, Goldfields dramatically increase their production

Projects completed
Average production increase
Average project duration (months)
Average total consulting time (days)

"When we started this journey, our guys thought it would be impossible to achieve this but all doubt was removed when they shattered the mine's all time daily production record on Thursday, 6 September 2018. Four of our (five) sections are trending to achieve millionaire status shortly"

General Manager - Coal

"Surprisingly simple improvements have been made at negligible cost and in a short space of time we have increased production volumes from an average of 14500 tons per day to 18000 tons per day".

"Teams made up of colleagues across all levels and disciplines dealt with an initial five focus areas and presented their work at a closeout session in which they determined how the improvements they have made will become part of the new normal."

Mining Manager - Coal

About Stratflow

Delivering exceptional results requires practical experience as well as original thinking. Our team delivers on both.


Hendrik Lourens

Hendrik studied physics and started his career in the petrochemical industry. He later became a Director in a medium-sized manufacturing firm, gained an MBA, and in 2010, he became the first to qualify in all areas of TOC within one year. In 2013 Hendrik published “Drawing a new Map” a book on Management Strategy and Transformation. In the same year, he started working in mining with Arrie van Niekerk, the world's top Theory of Constraints in mining practitioner. He is based in Sydney.


Gary Wong

Gary Wong is a professional engineer and a former Ernest & Young Consultant and expert in Complexity Science (Cynefin), Strategy and Transformation. He joined with Stratflow in 2019 and lives in Vancouver.


Mark Bowater

Mark Bowater is a mining engineer with deep experience of all aspects mining. His career spanned roles in design, scheduling and production, in addition to founding and growing a successful mining consulting business. Mark is well known for his acclaimed book “Crime Against Mine Planning” which was published in 2021. Mark is based in Brisbane.


Barry Urban

Barry is a chartered accountant and has been working as a management consultant specialising in the Theory of Constraints (ToC) for more than twenty-five years. Barry is certified in all areas of TOC and was an associate of the Avraham Y Goldratt institute for 5 years. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in applying TOC in mining in Africa and Asia. Barry lives in Johannesburg.

Our Guarantee

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