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Getting the most from new technology for manufacturing

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Getting the most from new technology for manufacturing


Webinar – Supercharge your manufacturing profits within six months using TOC – 18 June 2020

The feedback from our Manufacturing Tactics Webinar was very positive. Many participants requested information on the context of a TOC implementation as well as technical detail on how to do it. In response, we have put together this 4-hour webinar (including two 20 minute breaks) for 18 June 2020.  You can see the Programme on the pdf located here. Information on the presenters, three bottle flow experiment and signup are embedded in this document (click on the pictures). If you would like to proceed directly to signup please click here.

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Supercharge your manufacturing profit within six months using TOC

Webinar – Manufacturing Tactics to mitigate lockdown and position for recovery – 7 May 2020

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Manufacturing tactics to mitigate lockdown and position for recovery

The Covid 19 negative impact on countries and manufacturers have happened more rapidly than anyone expected. Forced shutdowns and disruption of international supply chains have forced manufacturers to deal with unpredictable shocks to supply at a time when the impact on demand was as difficult to predict.his forced many to have to scramble to maintain cash flow. Countries have had to rethink the strategic role of manufacturing and supply chains and consider the risk inherent in just in time systems designed with just enough capacity for average demand.
Following on a successful presentation with HERA in NZ titled “Enhance product delivery & improve cash flow quickly – post COVID-19 lockdown” Arrie van Niekerk will again share tried and trusted techniques to deal with our new environment.


Know how to position your company for the economic restart with fast startup and shorter lead times
How to increase cash flow quickly
Understand which best practice management ideas are harmful in the new world order
Know why protective capacity is required for success and where to focus this  .

Workshop – How to improve profit, productivity and motivate your people with minimal investment – 4 March 2020 Melbourne